As sad as it can be, sometimes things just don't work out. With the overwhelming success of online weddings, we've had numerous requests for divorces, and even some that wanted a complete removal of every scrap of evidence.

We try to honor these requests, but removing the information and the wedding can take time.

There are two methods available for performing an online divorce. First, we can manually remove the information from the database - this method is free but can take a while to be activated (2-4 weeks) because we have to rebuild the database. The other method is automated and quick (the page is removed within a few hours) and also includes our notification to major search engines that the page has been removed.*

You'll need to enter the Wedding ID Number. The Wedding ID Number is the last few digits of the URL for your wedding page. For example:

That would have a wedding ID Number of 36754

Full Divorce
Wedding ID Number
Standard Divorce
Wedding ID Number
Your Email Address





  *We notify them through our sitemap and notify/ping, but how long they take to remove it is up to them - it's typically within a day or two - the good news is that if you follow the link on the search engine, the page is gone.

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