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  Feb 12, 2018     Person to Person     Tonhs Boozz and Dolores  
Hoy, yo Tonhs, uno mi vida a la tuya, no solo como tu marido, sino como tu amigo, tu amante y tu confidente.Déjame ser el hombro en el que te apoyas, la roca sobre la que descansas, el compañero de tu vida.Desde este día caminaré junto a tiPrometo honrarte, animarte, y apoyarte durante nuestro caminar juntos. Cuando el camino se haga difícil, prometo permanecer junto a ti y alentarte para que, a través de nuestra unión, podamos lograr más de lo que podríamos lograr solos. Prometo trabajar nuestro amor y siempre hacer de ti una prioridad en mi vida. Te amaré con toda mi alma mi Dolores.
  Feb 10, 2018     Person to Person     Ravyn Geistlinger and Destiny Landreth  
Destiny Landreth,I love you. I want you in my life firever. Through every deployment. Through every hardship. Through every happy moment. Please do me the honor, and be my wife, now and forever. Always.
  Feb 10, 2018     Person to Person     Tana Black and Michael bright  
We are connected with a very strong bond and that bond is love. Nothings seems difficult and challenging as long as you are with me. Please be with me till the end of life because without you, my life is nothing. I can win every challenge if you are beside me. I am all your and want you to be mine. I can not share you with anyone. Love me forever and ever
  Feb 10, 2018     Person to Person     Lubna Brown and William Brown  
Dear William,I love you with all my heart. I cant think of anyone else Id want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?
  Feb 10, 2018     Person to Person     Amanda and Devon  
If you were Flynn Rider then I want to be your Rapunzel, will you marry me?
  Feb 9, 2018     Person to Person     Zachary Robinson and Kathleen Garrison  
Till Death do us part. I love you baby
  Feb 7, 2018     Person to Person     Dimitrid and Wu  
Will you marry me? -)
  Feb 7, 2018     Person to Person     Lucas Vansintejan and Bethany McClelland  
Since the day that we met, I knew that I wanted to take care of you and protect you. Since the day that we met, I was deeply crushing on you. Since the day that we met, you always made me happy and I’m so greatful to have you in my life. We’re destined for eachother and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t wait to live with you and having our own little family. Everything will be perfect my Princess. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you. I love you so much my Pretty Princess!Will you marry me?
  Feb 6, 2018     Person to Other     Lily wade and Michael hall  
  Feb 5, 2018     Other to Other     Kyle Brando and Deuce Ramirez  
  Feb 5, 2018     Other to Other     Deuce Ramierez and Deuce Ramierez  
  Feb 5, 2018     Other to Other     Natã Vargas and Nathália Dias  
  Feb 5, 2018     Person to Person     Eric Jones and Kayla Shipp  
Marry Me
  Feb 4, 2018     Person to Other     Raquel Rodrigues and Maria Eduarda Piovani Baptista  
  Feb 3, 2018     Person to Person     KEVIN BEATY and TONYA JOHNSON  
I do take u 2 be my lawfuly wedded ONLINE WIFE To have and 2 harrass in 2018, in rich quotes and poor funny jokes. . Till low battery, credits or minutes do us part. My life is full of mistakes, but something I will never regret is meeting you!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ALL OUR DAYS OF OUR LIVES!
  Feb 3, 2018     Person to Person     Yisennia Rodriguez and Jefferson Salazar  
I love you since the day I met you and every time I see you my heart starts to melt and every time you kiss me my world lights up. You make me the happiest girl in the world and I want to always be right by your side to always show you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me I Love you, Be my husband? (-
  Feb 3, 2018     Person to Person     Mark Hughes and Rebecca jones  
I love you and will you marry my
  Feb 3, 2018     Person to Other     Craig Brown and Dave Groom  
  Feb 3, 2018     Person to Person     David Grant Jackson and Kellie Elise Payne  
Kellie you are the love of my life. We shall elope, however I cannot wait that long for you to be my wife. I would like you to start our journey as husband and wife tonight through this virtual wedding. Then we elope and make it legal ASAP.
  Feb 2, 2018     Other to Other     Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg  
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